Redefining Microgrids  

We believe a microgrid is a smart, simple and affordable solution for any local energy network. Regardless of the network’s existing DER, by incorporating the intelligence and automation of a microgrid to their energy strategy, local energy managers can better utilize existing generation, grids, storage, and consumption devices.


Smart microgrid management brings immediate financial and operational benefits, including:

  • Improved utilization of existing energy generation resources

  • Reduced OPEX expenditure on maintenance & operations

  • Reduced energy consumption due to granular billing and reporting

  • Reduced energy losses by optimizing the network synchronization and operation

  • Reduced energy costs by leveraging internal Demand Response programs

  • Reduced direct and indirect costs that result from planned and unplanned power outages

  • Improved overall cost/gains by optimizing energy trade

  • Financial incentives resulting from reduced GHG emission

  • Improved RoI on CAPEX with managed and predictive maintenance

Use Cases

OneOPI provides local communities and campuses with a cost-effective, one-stop-shop service to optimize their energy operations.

The energy world has benefitted from a wealth of innovation in the last decade. With experts focusing on empowering campus and community-based energy networks, a myriad of energy solutions now relate to what’s commonly referred to as microgrids. Thus, alongside the distributed energy solutions, many opportunities are available to optimize the operation of any local energy network by incorporating intelligence and automation, improving the network’s quality, costs, and environmental impact, and raising it to a level that is similar to national systems. Compared to the small investment that is required to deploy these intelligence and automation systems, the significant impact results in a fast and impressive Return on Investment.

For most small energy networks, intelligent energy management systems were out of reach because of the cost and complexity of their implementation and operation. Although large utilities and energy operators can dedicate expensive teams to identify, customize, implement, and operate these effective systems, most single campuses are unable to justify this expensive process.

OneOPI changes the rules by providing a service that eliminates the need to invest in pricey CAPEX & OPEX or skilled employees who are difficult to find. Building on our broad knowledge and familiarity with the various modules and needs of energy management systems, we provide local communities and campuses with an easily adopted solution.

Using best-in-class energy management modules, we provide one holistic system that addresses all aspects of campus energy operation. Our clients also benefit from a 24/7 Operating Center, which provides customized, real-time optimization services.

OneOPI’s Energy Managed Services empower any local community, campus or remote site to run its own energy production, consumption, and trade, providing our customers with better results from their energy networks and devices.

Since energy managed services are a new concept, the needs of our clients vary and change over time. Therefore, our services are priced as ‘pay-per-need,’ addressing the different sizes and complexities of our clients’ needs.


Our Services

Based on the structure and needs of each microgrid, OneOPI addresses the customer’s specific requests by connecting and configuring the microgrid’s management modules and operations center.

For each microgrid, all data is collected and analyzed separately at OneOPI’s secured Data Center. OneOPI’s technical and support teams are available for 24/7 support, alerts and operation.

With constant data access, the microgrid manager has the ability to perform various operations and generate reports. Additional microgrid users can be configured with different authority levels, as per the microgrid manager’s definitions.

Monitoring rules and operations can be defined on the device level or with the flexible clustering of devices, buildings, business units, and so on.

Microgrid managers access current and forecasted information using concise, graphical reports, which appear in operational or financial views, and can be narrowed to the specific data of any device.

Managers also define business and operational users, assigning the relevant authority to each user. For example, a building owner may have access to view or operate all devices that are associated with a building, while a Business Unit manager may have only a financial view of the energy cost aspects that are associated with that Business Unit.

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Effective monitoring and analysis of any device connected to the microgrid, proving actionable information to ensure the microgrid's overall health.

Service Modules

Enables a microgrid to get the most out of its deployed energy generation and storage components. Optimization algorithms can be customized to address the customer’s specific needs.

Bridging technology to finances. This module serves as the “eyes” for the non-technical operators of the microgrid. 

& Operations 
Demand Response

Optimizes energy usage and demand, based on internal or external energy availability and/or pricing. 

OneOPI’s services include four interconnected modules, which also can be provided in silo. Customers choose any combination of these modules. The more modules you choose, the better value you’ll receive, because we leverage the output of each module as input to the others.

Where applicable, customers may choose a non-intrusive ‘Alerts & Recommendations’ service, or an operational mode with immediate operations conducted by OneOPI’s operations center.

Improved ROI
Improved Resource Utilization

Energy Managed Services


It is not about the name; it is about optimizing your energy operation